Time Warner Internet- Merits and Demerit of Cable Internet

27/12/2012 14:26

Almost 90% of the global population has used internet at least once in their life. 75-85% of the global population uses internet for interactions on regular basis. This brings us to a broader picture about necessity of good service provider for internet. Internet is available via different mediums like fiber optic cable internet, DSL, Dial up connection or Cable internet. Each of the mentioned mediums has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can visit now for best internet services in and around their area. Time Warner Internet specialists have compiled a brief list of merits and demerits of cable internet.

Merits: TWC broadband internet specialists believe that cable internet offer better speed as compared to DSL, Dial up or satellite internet. Cable internet can offer a maximum speed up to 15 mega bits per second. Better speed ensures elevated user experience. Customers can say bye to arduous wait periods and zip through internet with Time Warner internet services. Since cable internet is available with phone and TV, one can enjoy consolidated benefits of all the three by selecting apt internet combo pack. It is easier to upload multiple files or large files due to cable internet. Cable internet is economical as consumers do not have to shell out dial up fees.

Demerits: cable internet is not available in all the places. Very few companies like Time Warner offer their cable internet in 28 states of America. Speed of cable internet is greatly dependant on number of users using the internet at that particular time. It is common to experience lower speed during peak hours as compared to non-peak hours. If you are using combo packs for TV, phone and internet then you will be required to install special equipment. Charges for Installation and maintenance of these equipments are not added in the internet usage plan or combo pack; which means, customer will have to spend an additional amount for the same.