Time Warner Internet services - pricing based on usage!

Time Warner is amongst the largest Internet provider’s today. The features and plans offered by them is user friendly and very much within the budget for all. Among the any plans that exist and is popularly used by the consumers Time Warner internet has introduced a new concept where the charges of the services are as per the requirement of the users or simply the consumption. Though it is a highly charged topic and not agreeable to many, this is certainly very useful to the end users. The customers get an option to pay less each month in exchange of a certain cap on the internet usage.

Time Warner cable providers have introduced this pricing structure in a few markets as of now but plan to introduce in the larger market very soon. The consumers get a certain discount if they agree to a cap on a monthly basis.

While this plan is ideal and is being lapped up by the consumers with limited internet usage of just emailing, it is certainly not popular among voracious consumers who download a lot of visuals and videos. Streamlining just about three high definition movies a month will exhaust the cap as per certain sources. Since this plan is still in its inception and testing stages Time Warner Internet services promises to always provide the unlimited option to its customer.

While most cellular companies charge the consumers for the wireless broadband that is based on usage, it is fairly uncommon among the fixed lined broadband services being provided by the phone and cable operators.  For more in depth detail on the usage based plan simply log onto the net. The Time Warner site that has internet details will have all the answers to your queries.  Just in case if you are still not satisfied. Leave the query online and it will be responded to at the earliest. 

Time Warner Internet

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